Video: Performance during Centrale Fies 2017

Three to five faithful beings—CLOVIS—navigate in and out of solar capitalism, they search for enclaves beyond the blinding rays of petrochemical surfaces and money, they arrive in Maria Hernandez Park, Bushwick.

Featuring: Marinherin, Mi Mama Me Mima, Surrupirinha, Encarnado, Rubronegro, Quinto Elemento

all materials licensed under Libidiunga Commons


Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (Wallmapu/Argentina) is a dancer, choreographer and dance advocate, traversed by more than 500 years of colonialism. She is fascinated by the endless potential of the body and movement and conceives dance as a site to experiment and practice otherwise.

Leandro Nerefuh (Bertioga, Brasil) is an artist whose work deals with formal translations of historical narratives, with a special interest in Latin America. He is the founder of PPUB, a political party active in Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and supports Sonia Guajajara for the next president of Brasil.

Libidiunga Cardoso is a member of the Clovis culture.

Oren Barnoy (Brooklyn, New York) is a dance choreographer whose work amplifies the area just after the act of creating and before the result of meaning occurs in a post “ist” world where everyone gets equal pay particularly as a dancer vs. choreographer.